Our factory is equipped with best modern cleaning and sorting machinery
We are experienced team of professionals with decades of experience in cultivating, processing and tarding niche grains, oilseeds and legumes
Our factory operates modern vertical storage silo complex (manufactured by KMZ), which is equipped with temperature and moisture indicators as well as air ventilation systems.Thus, it allows us to guarantee safe long-term storage of
raw materials and finished products.
We have extensive experience and capabilities in the area of seed cleaning. Our facility consists of two closed and vertical integrated production lines, which allows for fast and safe seeds' cleaning and calibration. tHose lines are equipped with sieve and centrifugal seeds cleaning machines of Ukranian and German origin, as well as SORTEX + Z and SORTEX A (BUHLER, Switzerland) optical sorters.
We carry out any individual orders related to cleaning, calibration or any alternative crop modification. All seeds are processed to match your specifications in terms of weight, size, biological, microbiological or any other requirements.