We are a passionate group of professionals who are working daily to deliver best quality products to our costumers
Our history is more than 40 years of honest and dedicated work and hundreds of satisfied consumers and farmers. Our principles are impeccable quality, food safety and affordability. We have the right to be proud of our reputation and our product
A regional inter-collective farm station for seed production and perennial grass cleaning was created in Chernihiv. This is where our story began. After 13 years in 1989, the station was reorganized into the production association "Nasinnya" ("Seeds").
During a board meeting the shareholders decided to re-register the company to Private JSC "Nasinnya Chernihivschiny" ("Chernihiv seeds").
The first optical sorter Buhler Sortex Z + 1B was bought. The company started exporting food-garde crops to the European Union.
Second production line was installed and equipped with Buhler Sortex YJT WB3 optical sorter is installed, which tripled processing volumes. Additionally, company was certified by ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) standard.
Number of construction and reconstruction works were carried out. Old administrative building and raw-material unloading area were renovated. New ancillary facilities and floor storage warehouse #2 were bulit
New unloading area was build and equipped with vertical silo storages (KMZ) as well as additional transportation and cleaning equipment. Additionally, warehouse #3 was expanded and reconstructed.
Entire production line #1 was renovated. New optical sorter Buhler Sortex B Multiviosn was installed. As a result, line #1 productivity doubled.
Chernihiv processing plant re-certified with accordance to FSSC 22000 standard.